Website For Sale

I often have websites that are for sale – I will have them on display here and if you are interested – just contact me.

Living With Depression Today #WebsiteForSale

I own a website that would be a perfect fit for a depression clinic or a physician in the field of anxiety and depression disorder to share insights with the community and through the site maybe attract additional patients they can help.

Because the the website has mostly visitors from the USA according to Alexa, I believe a M.D. or a clinic in the US would benefit most from this high value opportunity.

Alexa Ranking

Here you can find additional figures and information on the the website for you to review and to get a better understanding on the websites’ huge potential – to learn more just click HERE

Feel free to get in touch for additional information or if you want to make an offer. Contact me HERE

Insomnia Today #WebsiteForSale

I am the owner of an insomnia-focused blog called Insomnia. Today – I originally created this blog to talk about this disease because it has affected me and my family personally. Since then, it has spun off into an informative tool for visitors and is drawing in several thousand unique visits per month. I’ve since come to realize that it’s got potential as a revenue source.

Unfortunately, given current circumstances and shifting priorities, I no longer have the time necessary to manage this blog, and it’s turned from a passion project into something I cannot manage to its fullest potential. So, I am turning to Labs, to ask if you would be interested in taking over the blog and using it to help people through more frequent content, treatment options, and more helpful tips.

The blog is doing fairly well, despite being quite young. Check out the Alexa Rank Here

I feel that, as a Lab, you would be best positioned to leverage this blog as not only a useful tool to inform others professionally about insomnia and its perils, but also as a potential tool for lead generation. This can bring more patients to your Lab or serve as an additional revenue stream for your business.

I’m also in contact with some great writers who have a lot of experience writing specifically for recovery clinics and insomnia treatment centers. They can help keep the blog going.

I am currently selling the blog (including its domain, hosting, all the content) for a price of check value here (negotiable). Just make a proposal accordingly. If you are interested, please feel free to ask any questions you might have.